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Custom fitted Ping and Titleist Golf Clubs

Let Gary McLean PGA Professional take your game to another level

No two golfers are quite alike. Obviously there are physical differences such as a person’s height and size but there are also mechanical differences such as the swing plane, path and the golfer swing speed. All of these elements will cause the club head to impact with the ball at a slightly different angle. This means it is vital for any serious golfer to get custom fitted for their golf clubs as it will greatly improve the way they hit the ball.

Our approach to custom Golf fitting

  1. The Interview

Before we begin your fitting, I will interview you to learn important information about your ball-flight tendencies, the equipment you are currently using, your likes and dislikes about your current set, and your needs and preferences from new equipment.  We will talk throughout the fitting process to ensure that your expectations are being met every step of the way.

  1. Static Fitting

After the initial interview I will determine your initial club specifications based on your preferences, needs and ability.  For drivers, fairways and hybrids, you’ll discuss the general performance characteristics of different models, lofts and shafts. For an iron fitting, your height and wrist-to-floor measurement are taken to help calculate your static iron colour code (lie angle) and shaft length, and your hand dimensions are used to calculate your static grip colour code, or grip size.

3. Dynamic Swing Test

For an iron fitting, you will hit a few golf balls from an impact board with special tape on the sole of the club. When the club hits the board, it will leave a mark on the tape that helps the fitter better understand how your setup, posture, and swing affect the clubhead’s position at impact. Based on the results I will make adjustments to arrive at your colour code.  For drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, face tape or spray is applied to the face and the impact marks are analysed for consistency to determine the optimal shaft length.

  1. Ball-Flight Analysis

Using the latest FlightScope technology I will analyse your ball-flight from the driver through to your wedges.   This information will enable me to utilise a variety of clubs with slightly different specifications to determine the best combination of model, loft, colour code, shaft length and flex, and grip that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your optimal ball flight.

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