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Bring your game to a whole new level with the FlightScope Elite

We are now delighted to offer golf lessons using the very latest FlightScope Elite technology.

The FlightScope elite is considered to possesses dramatically superior performance over any other launch monitors. It’s revolutionary new radar design and implementation delivers unprecedented accuracy enabling us to analyse you swing in greater detail and to provide you with better feedback on how you are improving throughout your lesson.

Using the FlightScope elite we provide you with all of the following data:

FlightScope Data

Ball Launch and Flight Ball Speed Vertical Launch Angle
Horizontal Launch Angle Vertical Descent Angle Smash Factor
Spin Rate Spin Axis Carry Distance
Roll Distance Total Distance Lateral Landing
Apex Height Flight Time Angle of Attack
Shot Distance to Pin Face to Target Dynamic Loft
Shot Dispersion Club Speed Club Path
Club Speed Profile Club Acceleration Profile Face to Path
Spin Loft Swing Plane Horizontal Swing Plane Vertical
Vertical Launch Angle Horizontal Launch Angle Spin Axis and Spin
Angle of Attack Club Ball Speed Carry Total Distance

Custom Fitting with FlightScope

Gary McLean PGA Golf Professional is qualified in custom golf fitting for an extensive range of leading golf brands including Ping, Titleist and Taylormade and with the help of the New FlightScope Elite Gary can accurately assess your golf swing for a number of characteristics to help ensure you get the clubs that match your swing.

For more details please contact Gary on:

Telephone: 086 197 5394
Telephone: 053 9374444